Abstract Figures

Last week I took a 3-day workshop on abstracting figures. I've been wanting to really loosen up in my work and have this idea of just slapping on paint, stepping back, and voila, I've created a masterpiece! While I know that's a pipedream, I'd like to work towards it anyway. So, this workshop was exactly … Continue reading Abstract Figures

Continuous Line Drawing

A few weeks ago I was paging through the enormous Winter catalog of our local high-end, up-scale mall: Somerset Collection. This "tome"¬†is basically a super-charged glossy Vanity Fair magazine on steroids, with ads from Versace, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Burberry, Gucci, etc.¬†You get the picture; it's our little slice¬†of Beverly Hills' Rodeo Drive or Paris' Champs-Elysees¬†right … Continue reading Continuous Line Drawing


Afterhours, or as I affectionately refer to it now, as the¬†BEAST,¬†was¬†our final¬†class¬†project for Rendering class. We had to design a¬†restaurant bar within¬†a very large space given a set of parameters and constraints, just as in the real world. ¬†I was very pleased with my final presentation and received a good grade, but the hours and … Continue reading Afterhours

Live & Learn

Our second major assignment was to design a small space to be used for both living and learning, such as a student. I imagined if I had my own place what it might look like: a small one-bedroom apartment with the basic amenities plus two cats. It's crazy how much¬†technology¬†has changed in twelve years! I'm … Continue reading Live & Learn

Fantasy Façade

For this project, we ¬†had to design our own fantasy home. The Fantasy Fa√ßade was one of my favorite assignments. I incorporated many of my wish list features.¬†I have always wanted to live in a large cottage-in-the-woods type of home surrounded by large beautiful trees. The exterior is natural stone masonry with a large double … Continue reading Fantasy Fa√ßade

Color & Rendering

As part of the Interior Design program, we took classes on¬†color theory and rendering¬†by hand. We didn't have fancy computer programs that did the work for us and I'm glad for it! ¬†Rendering allows you to¬†convey your ideas to clients in a visual manner by making presentations appear realistic and three-dimensional. For example, when looking … Continue reading Color & Rendering


In 1989 I began my¬†Interior Design classes at Michigan State University. I'll never forget my first class assignment: creating a complete design, from soup to nuts, for a new restaurant to be housed in a renovated library in Massachusetts. The task seemed enormous! What had I gotten myself into? I knew I could draw and … Continue reading Binders