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Afterhours, or as I affectionately refer to it now, as the BEAST, was our final class project for Rendering class. We had to design a restaurant bar within a very large space given a set of parameters and constraints, just as in the real world. I was very pleased with my final presentation and received a good grade, but the hours and tears put into it were countless!

It was March – Spring Break time in college.  I had the opportunity to go with friends to Florida if I finished this a bit early. I still remember working through the night, but to no avail, it wouldn’t be done in time! I was so frustrated with myself and with these classes!

This was not the first all-nighter nor the first time I missed out on something fun. I hadn’t signed up for medical school, this was Interior Design for goodness sake! Everyone seemed to have a life except me! Was it all worth it? I was beginning to doubt it. When I turned in the project, I realized that mine was so much more detailed than most of my classmates. My perfectionism had gotten the best of me AGAIN!

Afterhours Presentation

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