I live in Michigan with my husband, 2 teenage boys, and 2 fuzzy kids. Friends call me “bionic” because I’ve had 6 joint replacements all before the age of 50. Painting/ creating has become my saving grace; when I can attend to the canvas and let the rest of the world slip away…


When I think back on my childhood, two things come to mind: pain and art. You see, I was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis at two years of age. Walking was extremely painful, running was out of the question, and playing outside was severely minimized. I had to find other, pain free, ways to keep myself busy. Click on Biography to continue reading.

Artist statement

My ultimate goal is to preserve precious memories and passions, create archival works of art that can be shared for and by generations, and to foster a connection between the artist, the art, and the viewer. Click on Artist Statement to read more.


Courses/Volunteering/Work/Education. Click on Resume to view.

I really appreciate the amount of time Jennefer took to render all the technical aspects of the plane and her attention to detail. The color palette she chose really made the plane come to life and gave it a retro feel.

Dylan Chaudhry

I Absolutely LOVE the Cow Painting!  Those eyes are mesmerizing and follow me wherever I am in the room. Very life like and full of personality. She graces the mantel above our fireplace and warms the room with her sweetness. The colors are vibrant, beautifully painted.

Jayne Smith

Thank you so much for the Native Girl painting! I love it … It’s very beautiful!

Brianna Bowman

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