I love to paint bold, vibrant, and strong images that invite the viewer to discover more. Select image to see more.

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Select the image above to view a collection of my pastel paintings.

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Pen & Ink

Pen and Ink is a fun medium to use. It takes a steady hand, a great attention to detail, and a lot of time

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Experimenting is always fun! From house paint to oil pastels and everything in between. Click on image to see more.

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I love the painting because I adore wolves and the fact that I have one of my favorite animals watching over me all the time makes me really happy:)

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Courtney Bowman

I Absolutely LOVE the Cow Painting!  Those eyes are mesmerizing and follow me wherever I am in the room. Very life like and full of personality. She graces the mantel above our fireplace and warms the room with her sweetness. The colors are vibrant, beautifully painted.

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Jayne Smith

Jen did this pastel from a photo I sent her via text for my husband’s birthday. His cat lived to be 22 years old and I asked her to [paint] it four years later. She brought our Jordan back to life.

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Paige White