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I love to use Pastels when the subject calls for a softer treatment… Continue reading →

Pen & Ink

Pen and Ink is a fun medium to use. It takes a steady hand, a great attention to detail, and a lot of time… Continue reading →


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I Absolutely LOVE the Cow Painting!  Those eyes are mesmerizing and follow me wherever I am in the room. Very life like and full of personality. She graces the mantel above our fireplace and warms the room with her sweetness. The colors are vibrant, beautifully painted.

Jayne Smith

We drifted from the crowd and spotted a bright violet & blue fish, ‘just like my dress’ – he laughed. I especially like how Jen captured the essence of the moment … the warm breeze and the love in our body language.

Shiela Walsh

I really appreciate the amount of time Jennefer took to render all the technical aspects of the plane and her attention to detail. The color palette she chose really made the plane come to life and gave it a retro feel.

Dylan Chaudhry