For a few years now my ultimate goal was to turn my passion for painting into a small business. I had a plan in mind of how I would get there:

    Practice, practice, practice
    Create Logo
    Paint, paint, paint
    Build Website
    Paint, paint, paint
    Design Business Cards
    Paint, paint, paint
    Start Selling via commissions and E-commerce

I’m happy to report that much progress has been made toward my plan. However,  I am stuck somewhere around Step 6.8. Over the summer I only completed one painting! It’s very difficult to paint with the boys home full-time in the summer. So I turned my creative attention to designing my website and business cards.

I took a couple of classes at the BBAC, one on the Business of Art and the other a one-day Portrait workshop (No, you didn’t miss it – my results were not blog-worthy!) Next week,  I am taking a three-day Portrait workshop, hopefully the results will be better and I will post some pics.

The end of summer is always hectic with kids and the beginning of school is crazy. And, on September 21st I am scheduled for an elbow replacement due to my arthritis. Compared to my ankle replacements, it should be a piece of cake. Since I’m starting with the left (my non-dominant side) I should be back to painting after a week or so.

My goal is to paint like the wind October – December and have the e-commerce portion of my website up and running in January 2017.

Stay tuned…