3 thoughts on “Life & Logos

  1. Hey Jen – sign paintings with a simple TPD; drawings TD in a stylized box. Would be nice to have a logo and brand. Design challenge. Think your logo achieves the goal : )

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  2. Hey Jen – Sounds like you have a full life : ) Like your logo! It is original and meaningful to you. Notice some fine contemporary artists are using a personal “logo” to mark their work. Kind of a marketing brand. Casey Baugh comes to mind. Since you asked for opinions, I prefer simple, so no color for me. As for enclosing your logo in a circle or rectangle, it is so distinctive, don’t think it needs one. Really nice! – Tom

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    1. Thanks for the feedback Tom! I’ll check out Casey Baugh. I’m kind of leaning toward no color as well. Just curious, how do you sign your art?


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