Graphed Photo
Photograph of Church with Gridlines

A few months ago I discovered this incredible photograph of a beautiful church on line. I fell in love with the bright vibrant colors and knew I had to paint it.

The first step was to paint the blue background. Once that was dry it was time to tackle the drawing. Given the “ant” perspective, I knew it would be very tricky and would not look right if the drawing itself wasn’t correct.  Therefore, I drew a grid on the photograph composed of 1″ square blocks.

Charcoal Drawing
Charcoal on Canvas

Next, I  transferred the grid to the canvas using a 2:1 ratio. Using a charcoal pencil, I drew in the image.

Below is the finished painting. If anyone knows which church this is or its whereabouts, please let me know! Now that I have spent many hours with it, I would love to know the history!

Take Me to Church
9″x12″ oil on canvas adapted from photograph.


  1. Kathy Krupa

    Stunning! Love the juxtapositioning of the blue and orange and the way you handled the grass as a toned down green with little detail. Is it oil?


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