Figure & Portrait, JenArt, Pen & Ink, People
12″ X 14″ Pen & Ink on Bristol Board Adapted from Personal Photograph

Before I left Kathy’s class, I had one more piece to complete: a stippling of baby Ethan. My idea was to draw Ethan at the same age as Dylan so that I could frame them together: my two boys at 8 months old.

(Side Note: this photo was taken post framing).

2 thoughts on “Ethan

  1. This is wonderful, too! Have you done a lot of stippling? It looks as if you’ve had some experience. I have never tried it, but would like to.


    1. Thank you! Yes, I’ve done a few. They are time-consuming but very rewarding if you take your time. I had a great teacher too – which always helps!


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