So when I started to re-blog again and update this site, I checked all my links to make sure they’re still working. When checking the links to my art teachers/mentors on my resume, I ran into a conundrum. Kathy Krupa’s site said it didn’t exist anymore. That’s odd, I thought, but then I remembered I haven’t seen her posting on social media or commenting on any of my posts — like she usually did.

Kathy by Kathy

I dug a little deeper and finally reached her obituary page. I’m still shocked and saddened typing this some two months later; to learn that this wonderful lady, mentor, teacher, had passed at such a young age. Apparently, she had a heart condition, unbeknownst to me, from a young age and experienced an episode that ended her life in September ’19 at 58 years of age.

Kathy is someone I owe a lot to, in terms of my art. I met her about 14 years ago and began taking classes from her shortly after when my oldest son was about 2 and my now teenager wasn’t even here yet. She taught me how to stipple with inks and how to use pastels. I took classes from her– on and off– for several years. She was such a wonderful soul, had a great laugh and smile, loved animals, and was a gentle graceful teacher. She was the person who led me back into art again as an adult and help rekindle my passion for the medium. I wrote about her on a previous post.

I think of her often and fondly and know that she’s now in Heaven surrounded by all the animals that she brought to life for her clients and friends.

RIP Kathy Krupa — you will be remembered and loved always.


My Work Under Kathy

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