Hey there, Dahlia

JenArt, Nature, Oil

A few months ago, my friend posted a beautiful picture of a Dahlia flower on Facebook. To date, I hadn’t painted a close-up lone flower – the fear of all that detail – but I have seen many artists accomplish the task beautifully and I felt up for the challenge. What could be more perfect for Spring?

The Dahlia originated from Mexico and was discovered in the 16th Century by Spanish adventurers. There are over 20 known species resulting in thousands of hybrids. The Dahlia is unique because it has six genes rather than the standard two found in most flowers; therefore it can take on a myriad of shapes, colors, and sizes.

6 thoughts on “Hey there, Dahlia

  1. Great floral painting, really nice work on petals. I sort of love pink flowers. It’s such an advantage to paint in oils, unfortunately, I have to stick with watercolor and acrylic, which makes me sad because over years I developed bad allergy to oil paints. Especially, when I’m seeing such a very well done painting, I am envious on artists who are able to use oils. I will certainly return to check out more!

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    1. Thank you for the kind words Inese. I would hate it if I couldn’t use oils – that must be very difficult. Have you tried pastels? They are very lovely and look wonderful for flowers. What about the new oils that use water? It’s worth a shot. Thank you for stopping by!


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