10 thoughts on “14 Excellent Pieces Of Advice Every Artist Should Remember

  1. I am at the ‘earthquake’ site/area, 9 months after it devastated the communiity I’ve called home for 8 years. It’s the rainy season, and this morning my friend’s hostal outdoor kitchen had some water problems/drainage.. I worked for hours with shovel and wheelbarrow, first on tht and then on the muddy ‘pathways’ and last filling low areas in the parking.. The ‘owners’ were all gone, and it needed to be done…. but ohhhhh, by the time I finished my baaaaaaaaack was protesting!

    That’s truly ‘nothing’ however, when they have cabins that are still tweaked at strange angles waiting for superman to put them back in order, roofs that need repair, etc etc.. and then there are those true homeless people who are living in tents…

    For me, the joints don’t hurt unless I move (!) so I’m propped up now with zero pain….
    I hope that you’re able to have pain-free moments too…


  2. Lisa – thank you for the sweet comment! Pain is pain and it sucks, but I do believe it makes us stronger both physically and emotionally and it is a great teacher of perseverance, empathy, and wisdom.

    Keep up the beautiful work my fellow artist 🙂


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  3. Thanks for your ‘follow’ and for this uplifting post.

    I’ve not suffered with pain like you’ve endured for way too long, but thanks to ‘chikungunya’ virus, I live with minor discomfort in my hands and back. Each time I hold a pen or brush/pencil for the first time each day, my hands feel like clubs…. but after five or so minutes, my joints adapt, and I forget until I move… same with my back.

    I loook at it as a gift, in order to have true empathy for people like you who live with extreme challenges and embrace those challenges with positive attitude. You are the true heroes.

    My connections and my computer (with cracked screen) are quite slow these days, so perdon if I don’t comment often. Sometimes the cursor and text won’t work!

    Ditto for ‘send’ so I hope this reaches you!



    1. PS. May I borrow your Copyright Notice language from your website? It’s great and I feel it’s important to protect our creative works!
      Thanks, Jen


      1. Of course that’s fine! Thanks for asking!

        It’s been a long time since I checked, but it’s amazing what I find on Pinterest…

        There’s an old post I’ll look up that might be interesting to you.. Internet’s working pretty well right now so I hope to be back soon..


        1. Yikes, I love Pinterest. I thought it was only illegal if you’re claiming the images are yours or making a profit off someone else’s work? I suppose the only true option if one is concerned is not to share in the first place or put watermarks on your work. I for one don’t mind if people share as long as I get the credit! Almost all my photographs on my blog are either my own or public images from Wikipedia. However, there are a few that I have used “from the internet” because I couldn’t find a person to credit. I think I’ll go back and check those I certainly do not want to “steal” from another artist. Thank you for the information!


          1. It becomes complex, and basically I’d like to think that we come from a pure and ‘giving’ purpose; if someone uses my work – even without asking – if their intentions were for good and unselfish reasons, I usually ignore it… but I have also witnessed where some have a sense of ‘entitlement’ they’ve not earned – almost like cheating – using others work/words without a qualm of the original owner.

            many people assume, ‘it came from google so it must be free to use…’

            but google just showcases images on the net….. it gets complicated…


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