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Recently my mom and I battled the precipitous elements and ventured out to an outdoor art fair set in the quaint little downtown of a neighboring city. This was the second day of the fair, and as mentioned, the weather was not cooperating. Many of the artists had already packed up their tents and gone home, but a few brave souls remained to battle mother nature and hopefully sell their creations.

I didn’t purchase anything but my Mom was pulled into one particular tent by a chatty owner and walked away 20 minutes later with a hand-knit wide-brimmed hat perfect for summertime gardening or lounging by the pool.

DIA Away

Along with the few tents, the semi-truck and trailer housing the DIA Away was in attendance. The traveling art educational exhibit is targeted toward kids with an emphasis on “thinking like an artist.” Inside there are numerous interactive stations aimed at creative thinking. The truck makes art accessible to children everywhere. Coincidentally, just a few weeks ago, it was visiting my son’s elementary school.

In addition to the tents and truck, the local Art Center was also open. The old downtown library had been converted into a beautiful center for art. Classrooms are housed in the lower level while the main and second floors hold gallery space for exhibitions. The current exhibit was showcasing works from the Detroit Society of Women Painters and Sculptors.

The rain had stopped and the sun was brightening up the sky when we had finished exploring the Art Center. We perused a few quaint shops on Main Street before putting our feet up and grabbing a late lunch at the local pub. All in all, it was a lovely afternoon!

4 thoughts on “Art Fair

  1. Jen I don’t know why but, I have not been able to figure out how to comment on your posts for a while. Found it! There is some really good art hanging at the Anton! Thank you for sharing it. Is the rock piece actual rocks? I can’t begin to imagine how heavy it is.


    1. Glad you figured it out Kathy. The exhibit is actually from the DSWPS. I need to correct my posting. Yes, the rocks are real. Good point, I didn’t even think of that! The Rock piece is from the founder of the Art Center, so it’s been around for a long time.


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