5th Grade Promotion


Spring has come and gone in Michigan and the hot summer days are upon us. My boys finished school and my oldest is moving on to middle school. Where have the years gone? For three solid weeks over May/June I worked on yet another PTO volunteer project; creating the PowerPoint video presentation for the 5th grade promotion. It was truly a labor of love as I compiled, organized, and edited hundreds of photos of the graduates as babies, toddlers, and students taken throughout their six years together.  I added several heart-tugging songs about growing up and threw in a few slides in the end about transitioning to the middle school. It turned out really nice. I received an enormous round of applause from the kids and several compliments from the parents. Each child was given a DVD of the presentation in their memory book to have forever. It was a great way to end the school year and bring closure to this chapter in our lives.

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