Last Fall I took Life Drawing at PCCA with Charles Pompilius. At first, I was very intimidated taking his class because he’s such an accomplished painter well known for his commissioned portraits and figurative paintings. However, he turned out to be very humble and easy going and I was immediately put at ease.

It would also be my first time working from live nude models. Going into it, I wasn’t sure how I would feel staring at a nude person while attempting to draw or paint them. But, it really wasn’t all that awkward. We had both male and female models and I found that drawing the ladies was much easier; possibly because I am more familiar with the female body or because it was a tad strange looking at a naked man for hours.

Either way, my output was not great, but this was the first time I’d ever taken a figure drawing class or worked with live models. It’s a far cry from a bowl of fruit or a vase that doesn’t breath or move for hours on end! Once the class was done I put the drawings away and had forgotten about them until yesterday; I rediscovered them while clearing out my art bag for the start of a new class.

I decided to include a couple of sketches that weren’t too horrible. After all, this blog is about the journey, good, bad, or ugly!