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My art education began in high school. I was fortunate to have a wonderful art teacher, Mrs. Susan Sturtevant. She was the picture of what I envisioned an artist should be: free-flowing wild curly blond hair with kind eyes and a gentle voice. She wore long, colorful, breathy skirts and was very knowledgeable about art. She taught us history and technique and was always encouraging. Thank you Mrs. Sturtevant, wherever you may be!

One of my favorite paintings is Buddha. I can still picture the projected image in the front of the classroom. Of course the medium was crackled tempera paints applied with overused, cheep paintbrushes. We had recently been introduced to the Impressionists and I thought they were magical! So, with old brush in hand, I tried to replicate what I had seen Monet, Renoir, and Degas create so effortlessly.

12″x 18″ Tempera on Cardboard Adapted from Photograph

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