Tin Fish, Cock-tailed

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I officially turned one year older just before midnight on the 19th of May. Every year my mom tells me some form of the story; “It all began on a hot summer day. We were having a barbecue…” Even as I have my own “babies” now, it’s still nice to hear your own birth story once a year. I know I’ll never forget the events leading up to and surrounding the birth of my children and I bet most moms would agree.

This past Saturday evening we celebrated by going to dinner at a wonderful seafood restaurant, Tin Fish, near our home. It’s an upscale venue located on the Jefferson Bay Marina on the edge of Lake Saint Claire.

My Boys
Silly, Handsome & Smart

Before we were even shown to our table the boys were in rare form. Perhaps it was the excitement of going to a new place, the smell of the water, or the wonderfully funky decor. Maybe they realized that this was not your run-of-the-mill chain restaurant and that people were actually dressed up. All I knew was that by the time we sat down, mamma needed a drink!

Happy Birthday to Me!
Blue Curacao Fish Bowl

I must admit I’m no stranger to the occasional social / celebratory cocktail, but I wasn’t expecting the behemoth, ‘Blue Curacao Fish Bowl’ literally came in a fish bowl!!! I asked if I could take the bowl home as a souvenir if I finished the whole thing. Our lovely waiter agreed to look the other way if my purse could contain the monster. Unfortunately, I hadn’t come prepared 😦

Once safely back home, I doodled for a while using the art app: ArtSetPro which I learned about from a fellow artist on the WordPress Reader. Thank you for sharing! This digital art world is so new to me but here are a few things I already love about it:

  1. No wasted paints and other supplies
  2. Back-up/undo option
  3. Erase function
  4. Portability
  5. No clean-up
  6. Incorporation of photos
  7. Seemingly endless possibilities