Lake Odessa


It’d been two years since we vacationed with our besties in Chicago. Even though it’s tough to find a time that works for everybody, we were determined to get together this year! I found an affordable Vrbo that would accommodate our group of 12 about 1/2 way between Chicago and Detroit in a little town called Lake Odessa. The rental property sat on the lake and for an extra fee we were able to rent their boat. Although the lake itself wasn’t the cleanest, we didn’t care. We had a great time just driving around, listening to music and being out on the water. It was so freeing and relaxing!

The kids enjoyed sitting together and playing old-fashioned board games and in the evening we all played Cards Against Humanity and had a blast. I must admit I love playing board games and it reminded me of childhood before the time of iPads and iPhones. Our “resident chef” 👨‍🍳 even made homemade pizzas one night that were to die for!

It was so nice to enjoy the long, relaxing weekend with my best friends and our families. We committed to doing something together every summer. Life is too short and we must enjoy it while we can!

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