Home Renovation


In April of ’21 we FINALLY updated our 1980’s OG bathroom. You know the look. I can almost hear the builders, “Hey, let’s just use whatever we have left over from the 70’s that nobody wants anymore; beautiful limeade green and white with basic $10 fixtures, a rusty medicine cabinet and a giant mirror that can’t be cleaned without a step stool; we’ll even through in some ugly-ass light fixtures for free!”

While the basic white tub had seen its share of joyous bubble-filled baths for the boys and an occasional candle and wine bath for momma — it was due for a major upgrade! Of course these things rarely go off without a hitch — and we had our share of hick-ups, but when it was all said and done, the final product was beautiful and we were very happy with the result.

Next, it was time to tackle the kitchen. We opted to have the old outdated formica countertop replaced with beautiful marble and had the cabinets refreshed with a two-tone medium/light grey to match our cat Zoe. JK! But look how cute she is sitting on the new marble countertop! For the finale, we had our entire home painted a neutral grey tone — we had caught the Griege bug!! — with pops of darker grey accents. Again more hiccups/delays would be the norm, but in the end it came out beautiful!

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