One Cool Dude


Born too Late — Died too Young

As little kids we would dance on the living room orange shag carpet to the music of the Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, and Elvis Presley
Jim and the neighborhood boys would hide behind the garbage cans and shoot dry peas through straws as cars drove by
He dressed up as a girl for Halloween and the boys at the roller rink thought he was a HOT teenage babe — he was mortified!!
He introduced me to the CLASH, HENDRIX, the STONES and ZEPPELIN

He was a great dancer 🕺🏻
He enjoyed impersonating Elvis — and looked and sounded the part!
A plaster bust of Elvis sat in the rear window of his cool 1960’s baby-blue car
Jim was very handsome and tried his hand at modeling
He LOVED to work on and race his 1969 Orange Dodge SuperBee
Among the car circuit he was known as KidSixPack
He was a top salesman at Gorno FORD
His basement was a shrine to all things “Retro Cool”

Jim was loved by so many — and made fast friends wherever he went
He had an enormous heart and rescued a family stranded on the side of the road one snowy Christmas Eve
He loved to vacation in the warm Southern sunshine and be outdoors in nature
He loved his dogs and grand-dog Sasha
He loved his family, especially our Mom and his two beautiful daughters

Jim had a “tough” childhood — he struggled with self-esteem issues all his life
He was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes as an adult and received a liver transplant
His kidneys were completely shot
Jim also had IBS & other Autoimmune Diseases
He was a sitting duck when COVID-19 came knocking

He spent 4 months in the ICU including his Wedding Anniversary and Birthday
It was because of Jim that families were allowed to visit their loved ones with Covid-19 in the hospital
his final good deed
He is missed every single day!


I Love You
Your Little Sister

James Robert Bowman 5.10.66 — 7.22.21