Coffee cup in hand,Don’t Make Me Call The Flying Monkeys!Classic Jazz on the player,Thump, thump, ping, swoosh… Puppy dog by my side,Eyes half-open…Sound of the rain outside my window,Pitter pat, boom boom, roar… Pictures of my babies,Sleeping, playing, smiling, laughing…How the time goes so fast,Remembering the small moments…These are the ones,That make life worth living. 

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Before I left Kathy’s class, I had one more piece to complete: a stippling of baby Ethan. My idea was to draw Ethan at the same age as Dylan so that I could frame them together: my two boys at 8 months old. (Side Note: this photo was taken post framing).

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The Beach

In May of 2006 I found out that we were expecting baby boy number two. Dylan would be three in December and it was a good time to add to our family. Before baby’s arrival, I wanted to do a large pastel painting of Dylan. We took this photo of him playing by the ocean in Florida. […]

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In 2005 I began art classes with Kathy through the Warren Fine Arts Center (WFAC). It was really more of a workshop where a group of people met once a week to chat and work on their art. Kathy was our mentor, guiding us through our own personal journey. Some worked in pen and ink […]

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During 1993 and 2005 was busy! I graduated from MSU and Graduate School. I worked a few temporary jobs until I found a great full-time one as an Instructional Designer where I stayed for six years until Dylan was born. I met and married my husband, had my first joint replacement, traveled to India, and gave […]

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