Scoop, Scoop, Scoop,
Scoop, Scoop, Scoop,
gurgle, gurgle, gurgle….

Smell the aroma!

Favorite cup in hand
Pour, cream, sugar, sip.

Mexico memories,
wish I was back there,
lying by the ocean,

cool breeze,
warm sunshine,
birds singing.


Coffee cup in hand,
Don’t Make Me Call The Flying Monkeys!
Classic Jazz on the player,
Thump, thump, ping, swoosh…

Puppy dog by my side,
Eyes half-open…
Sound of the rain outside my window,
Pitter pat, boom boom, roar…

Pictures of my babies,
Sleeping, playing, smiling, laughing…
How the time goes so fast,
Remembering the small moments…
These are the ones,
That make life worth living. 


During the course of my surgeries and recuperation I began to write poetry and look to others for inspiration and wisdom. I found this wonderful piece by Marianne Williamson, framed it, and put it on my wall so that I could read it frequently and gain strength from her wisdom. Here is an excerpt:

River Rocks, Rochester, Michigan

“We cannot find peace
by seeking it in a past we cannot change or by seeking it in a future we cannot control.
Peace can be found only in the present,
in which we deeply accept all of life –
what was, is, and will be.”