5 unusual habits to keep you growing artistically 

Christopher Gallego

By Christopher Gallego

“What success does best
is make you complacent and egotistical”

~ Keith Cunningham

I’ve never known an artist who painted just for fun or for relaxation.

I’ve never known an artist who didn’t want to become great.

Most painters are driven. Seriously driven. 

My 86 year-old father paints 8 hours a day, standing.

I was just plain nuts during my first ten years as a painter.

Most of you want to be great, your reason for reading this and other art blogs instead of watching TV.

And I congratulate you. I admire your ambition.

But let me ask you two important questions:

Are you honestly striving to become great or are you trying to look good?

Do you want to paint masterpieces or do you want to become a master?

Powerful questions and the answers aren’t so clear even if you are self-aware.

The self-conscious need to prove one’s…

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